You can easily and quickly construct a good looking and effective individual or company website making use of the Free Website Creating Application, incorporated into the Control Panel. It doesn’t require any sort of HTML or CSS experience on your part. You are able to design your own site without the need to come up with a single chunk of program code. You are able to choose between more than 100 website templates that can be easily modified through the simple to operate online editor. Once all set, you are able to start your web site in an instant just by clicking on the “Publish" key. Should you ever need guidance, you can communicate with Cenzion Star’s 24/7 support group, check our how–to posts or watch the free collection of video tutorials.

A Straightforward Website Builder

No encoding experience is needed

Not everyone has got the free time and potential to figure out how to make a personal or business web site from scratch. This is exactly why, Cenzion Star offers a fairly easy, point–and–click site building application that will help you get your site on the Internet in minutes. It avails of well over a hundred pre–defined design templates that you can customize to your taste.

With the Web–site Builder, you don’t have to be familiar with HTML, PHP, CSS or any other language to make your own personal web site. If, nevertheless, you need assistance working with the tool, you can check out Cenzion Star’s step–by–step training videos or help articles.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of Website Design Templates

There are over 100 website templates

We provide you with more than a hundred design templates with a variety of coloring options and various layouts. This way, you could make your site one of a kind from the start. You can insert extra webpages, reorganize their order, and so forth.

In case you no longer like the look and feel of your web site, you can replace the web theme, the coloring pattern and the style at any moment. The current website contents will be saved and will be displayed on the new template promptly.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Tutorials

See how painless it is actually to build a site

The Site Builder contains a range of educational videos that will lead you from the point of starting up the tool, to customizing your webpages. The educational videos are created in accordance with the most frequently asked questions regarding our Site Builder so as to go over what our customers will need to understand.

If you would like further help, you may as well look at Cenzion Star’s in–depth manuals or contact Cenzion Star’s 24x7 support team.

Video Tutorials